Janet Jackson is coming to Lafayette!!

Janet Jackson is coming to Lafayette!!


Gurrl Janet Jackson coming to Lafayette!!! Yas… YaAass!! The Rhythm Nation Queen will be serving face and body all over the Cajundome on September 7, 2017!!! Why is she starting her tour in good ole’ Lafayette America you ask? Well it ain’t for a piece of Boudin or Cracklin’ if that’s what you’re thinking…  Here’s the Tea… Do You remember that one time in the summer of 2016 when she was suppose to perform at the Cajundome during her “Unbreakable” tour, but canceled the show to focus on her husband and the growing baby human inside her at the time??… Well I guess she changed her mind, because she popped that baby out, got a divorce, and decided to head back to the flats  to finish giving us LIFE!!… She said “Don’t get it twisted Boo, I am not Latoya!!” haha jk jk… I’m totally kidding…

Friend?… I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping she comes with a fresh beat mug and eyelashes longer than the Atchafalaya Basin… She better have Glittery costume changes and the biggest most  GIANT shoulder pads on the planet ( I know she got the coins)…I better be able to see EACH and EVERY lacefront power wig change  from Ambassador Caffery all the way to Westlake America lol… Seriously though this makes my soul happy. I’ve always been a fan of JJ… even when she had that struggly  baby hair back in the day ( I dare you to click on baby hair lol) … BOOM!!… Never Forget…


 Tickets go on sale May 5, 2017.










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