Mother Nature is doing the Most!!

Mother Nature is doing the Most!!

Why is mother nature out here acting like somebody didn’t give her a check!? She is doing waaay to much in  good ole’ Lake Charles, America. I had to page my boi Moses to come part all that  water  on 12th street by that lil’ cupcake store. Gurrll she blew off my imaginary ponytail and it landed on Opelousas street… I had to call UPS this morning and get it shipped back to me overnight lol… Anyway Mother Nature is wrong for this devastating “Hell No” Storm. She has caused accidents all over I 10… Power outages… Friend she even ran through the elderly at the Holly Hill Nursery Home in Sulphur. Yeah friend… No one is safe…She is not playing with us.

The good news is that our KZWA team covered the storm live yesterday during the worst moments, and The Weather Channel picked us up and boosted our views by thousands!!! So Kudos to the Jeff Cannady and KZWA team. Meanwhile… Today is Thursday, and the sun is back out shinning brighter than ever. Flood waters are starting to retreat while victims are getting their life back together after all of the ruckus. I’m hoping by the time I get home my lil piece of imaginary hair has been dropped off by the UPS man; I’m also hoping that the Humans of Lake Charles, America and surrounding areas can continue to be Great after this Devastating “Hell No” Storm …. Be safe y’all…









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