Character Comparison, Who Played The Role Better?

Character Comparison, Who Played The Role Better?

#AllEyesOnMe was not bad at all. I saw a review before the movie that said it felt like a lifetime movie leading me to watch with a different lens. I was very particular because I knew a lot of the story already, like most viewers and Pac enthusiasts. It definitely wasn’t lifetime movie-esque. I think it’s fair to expect 2pac role to be played with care and consideration and this movie was accurate and safe. It touched on a lot but didn’t go deep enough to really show you the rebellious yet prophetic Tupac Shakur. All in all, Demetrius Shipp Jr. really became 2pac as the movie progressed and probably was the best option for the job. The characters really were a big part of this movie. If they weren’t the right characters, you could’ve wrote this entire film off. It wouldn’t have made the big screen if the producers didn’t nail the 2pac character. The Hip-Hop community co-signed this movie before it was released publicly. I have proof of this! One of the cool things to see in this movie is the insertion of real characters in the  story portraying themselves in the movie. For instance Digital Underground’s Money B. Most viewers could miss this because of Digital Underground’s lack of commercial success in comparison to most people you’re familiar with seeing, hence their name. That doesn’t at all take away from their legendary status. I’ve been on stage with Digital Underground personally as The Humpty Dance is being performed and it’s no joke. Chris Clarke’s portrayal of Shock G was just as enjoyable as Kat Graham’s ability to be Jada Pinkett. And the decision to cast Jamal Woolard as Biggie the same person to play him in ‘Notorious’ was a no-brainer.

But let’s focus on a few of some of the main characters of ‘All Eyes On Me’. If you remember, 2pac made an appearance in ‘Straight Outta Compton’, played by Marcc Rose. In your opinion, do you think in this short scene, he does a better impersonation?

Suge Knight is probably the easiest character to cast. How hard is it to find a skin color, physique and facial features? R. Marcos Taylor vs Dominic L. Santana, who do you choose?

MY favorite character to focus on is Snoop out of this bunch. One because I do my own impression, but it isn’t enough play his role in a movie. The look is the most important aspect in a biopic. Personally, no one has impressed me. However, Snoops cameo in ‘All Eyes on Me’ was interesting. Jarrett Ellis doesn’t look like Snoop but he had the walk down to a T! The voice is important. Keith Stanfield makes an attempt in ‘Straight Outta Compton’ but looks like the younger Snoop more than he sounds like him. Jarrett Ellis appearance was off so I immediately doubted his ability to produce this classic Snoop voice. The entire time you’re probably thinking its a voiceover if you’re a skeptic like myself. I searched for Calvin Broadus and Snoop Dogg in the credits and fond nothing. I searched through Google and came across Jarrett Ellis interview saying it is in fact his actual voice. I still don’t believe it. It could be apart of his contract to embellish about his actual ability to keep fans interested in the movie. You be the judge.

Dr. Dre is a hard person to cast. In my opinion Corey Hawkins should’ve remained Dr. Dre. He did an remarkable job in Straight outta Compton so much that you arely remember Harold House Moore’s presence in the movie which probably explains his casting position at the near end.