Emmett Till Still Can’t Rest In Peace

Emmett Till Still Can’t Rest In Peace

The pain from the gruesome tragedy that shook the world back in August of 1955 is still being felt in our community to this very day. Emmett Till’s horrible death was front a center on a magazine cover because of the courage of a grieving mother in Money, Mississippi. Today, it was front and center again as one of the historical markers along the Mississippi Freedom Trail was vandalized.This is what it looked like before it was vandalized:

This is what has happened to it very recently.

This, unfortunately, is not the first time that commemorative markers detailing what happened to Emmett Till have been vandalized. Other markers have been the target of gunfire.

Why is it that 62 years after his death, that his accuser has finally admitted was all a lie, young Emmett still can’t rest in peace? I would love to hear your thoughts. Call and leave me a message that I can play on the air: (720) 446-6539 or text (337)419-3535.

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