Kobe Bryant Removed From Movie Panel

Kobe Bryant Removed From Movie Panel

There’s an “Animation Is Film” Festival this weekend in Los Angeles; Kobe Bryant was supposed to be on the panel at the festival — not anymore.

He’s been removed from the event because of protests surrounding his 2003 rape allegation.

A petition from change.org circulated, stating:
“We, women and allies of the animation community demand that accused rapist and sexual predator Kobe Bryant be removed from the Jury of Animation is Film Festival. In light of the #MeToo movement, there has been little to no recourse for Kobe Bryant’s actions of sexual assault. We demand that GKIDS, Variety, & Annecy revoke their complicity in enabling a sexual predator to continue a life without any accountability both as an individual and a celebrity. On its website ‘Animation Is Film’ specifically states one of their primary purposes is to champion and support women filmmakers. It’s time to turn these words into action.”

The sponsors agreed and cut Bryant from the panel.

In a statement, Bryant said he is disappointed by that decision.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images