AVALANCHE: 33 people dead and 50 injured in Turkey

Emergency service members work in the snow around overturned vehicles, near the town of Bahcesaray, Van province, eastern Turkey, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020. An avalanche slammed into a mountain road in the province, which borders Iran, wiping out a huge team of rescue workers sent to find two people missing in an earlier avalanche. (Yilmaz Sonmez/IHA via AP)

AVALANCHE: 33 people dead and 50 injured in Turkey

At least 33 people are dead and 50 injured in an avalanche in eastern Turkey.

Many of the victims were rescuers working to free children from an earlier snowslide. Officials say that more people are still trapped under the snow.

Five people were killed in the earlier avalanche, and rescuers were trying to pull two people out when the larger one struck. (NBC News)

Hot Takes:

  • You have to be very brave to walk into an avalanche-prone area to rescue people from an avalanche.
  • Of all the ways to go, I really would not want to be trapped under 10 feet of snow.
  • I can’t imagine looking up and seeing a wall of snow rushing right at me.