CORONAVIRUS: Mega Church Remains Non-Complaint

CORONAVIRUS: Mega Church Remains Non-Complaint

A pair of mega-church pastors in Louisiana and Florida are remaining defiant against large gatherings bans and continue to insists that they’ve done nothing wrong, even as they’ve been hit with misdemeanor charges.

Worshipers again packed the crowded Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge, Louisiana yesterday (Tuesday), hours after pastor Tony Spell was hit with misdemeanor charges for violating the large gatherings ban. He told worshipers, “This is a government overreach. They are asking us to stop practicing our freedom of religion and we have a mandate from God to assemble and to gather together and to keep doing what we are doing.” Several protesters gathered outside the church and shouted at congregants to stay home. (CBS News)

In Tampa, Florida, Minister Rodney Howard-Browne remains defiant after being arrested and charged with violating stay-at-home orders for continuing to host church services for hundreds of people. He insists he’s done nothing wrong and is exercising his First Amendment rights. He said in his latest podcast that the media is exaggerating the coronavirus threat and deliberately stoking fears to shut the church down. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • This fight isn’t over yet.
  • Shouldn’t the protesters be staying home, too?
  • How could the Tampa minister say the media is exaggerating the threat when more than 800 people died yesterday?