KEVIN HART: Shares a Embarrassing Beyonce Blunder

MONTREAL, QC - JULY 29: Actor, Comedian Kevin Hart attends Just For Laughs Comedy PRO with his Laugh Out Loud Network Pitch Panel held at The Hyatt Regency Montreal on July 29, 2016 in Montreal, Canada. (Photo by GP Images/WireImage)

KEVIN HART: Shares a Embarrassing Beyonce Blunder

Kevin Hart is continuing to shamelessly dish out embarrassing personal stories to entertain the rest of us.

The funnyman told a story that he calls “Confessions From the Hart: A Sticky Situation” on Instagram TV. Kev says one time during All-Star Weekend, he was breathing the same rare air as Jay-Z and Beyonce. Hov asked Hart if he wanted a drink. But when Kevin reached over to grab a mixer, he accidentally spilled an entire container of pineapple juice on people in the crowded VIP section. And not just any VIP — Beyonce was in the splash zone, and got juice all over her shoes.

Things got even more cringe worthy as Kevin tried to make things right by handing Hov a crumpled-up $20 bill, which he hoped wouldn’t be noticed until later. We could keep explaining, but it’s way funnier to hear the man himself tell it.

Hot Takes:

  • The pineapple juice was definitely a mistake. Everyone knows Beyonce likes Lemonade.
  • When you’re as famous as Kevin Hart is, even some of your biggest regrets can be kinda cool.
  • I don’t know about you, but if I did something like this, I’d never be able to show my face around Beyonce again.
  • I can’t blame anyone for being klutzy in Beyonce’s presence. Even the biggest star would have to be at least a little starstruck.
  • Doesn’t Kevin know the BeyHive holds grudges? KEVI